4-Year UG Program (School-based track)
Example of Study Pattern for RMBI students admitted through the school-based track
# In addition to the requirements of RMBI, students are required to complete the School Requirements.
Please refer to the Program Catalog for more details.
* Students may use the RMBI electives to fulfill different option requirements.
Notes: To graduate, students should take the free elective(s) to complete at least 120 credits in approved courses.
The above example of study pattern is provided for reference only. Students are recommended to follow the student's pathway of their cohorts as illustrated below.
RMBI 4-year Program Curriculum
Remarks: Cohort refers to the year that students admitted to HKUST
Illustration of Student's Pathway
2017-18 cohort
2018-19 cohort
2019-20 cohort
2020-21 cohort
2021-22 cohort