What is Risk Management and Business Intelligence?
What is the relationship between "Business Intelligence" and "Risk Management"?
Why choose RMBI?
Similar programs are offered by other universities. What gives RMBI the edge?
Why are courses from the School of Engineering included?
What is the study pattern of the program?
What are the Capstone Projects? What do RMBI students learn from the capstone projects?
What are the admission requirements for RMBI Program?
What will be the contents of the RMBI admission interview?
How many students are admitted to RMBI every year?
How can I learn more about more information about Major Declaration Exercise for RMBI?
Can I pursue a minor program with RMBI as major?
RMBI does not belong to any of the four schools in HKUST. Will this affect the students joining the exchange programs and internship?
Is there any scholarship available for RMBI students?
What kinds of jobs can RMBI students pursue after graduation?