Bloomberg Terminal Workshop for RMBI students

The Bloomberg Terminal is one of the most popular tools for real-time financial information. Most large scale financial firms have subscribed the Bloomberg Professional Service. For portfolio managers and brokers, having the ability to access real-time market information from almost anywhere in the world, is an incredibly convenient and important advantage of a Bloomberg subscription.

To enrich students’ understanding about this popular tool, the 2-hour professional training workshop jointly organized by Bloomberg and RMBI program will be held in the coming March. The workshop taught by Bloomberg’s in-house trainers will be offered exclusively to our students.

Cover Letting Clinic for RMBI students

What makes a good cover letter? How can it add value to your job application by telling the employer something that a CV may not tell? In order to equip students for a better future career, RMBI has invited a professional trainer to offer an intensive training tailor-made for RMBI students.

Symposium on Risk Management and Business Intelligence 2018

Since its inception in 2009, the RMBI program strives to equip students with comprehensive quantitative and statistical skills, high-quality analytical and problem-solving abilities as well as well grasp of business fundamentals.

In echoing the vision and mission of the pioneered RMBI program, the upcoming symposium will continue to serve as an excellent platform for the academics and industrial experts to gather and exchange their views about the development of Risk Management (RM) and Business Intelligence (BI); as well as to offer young adults a unique opportunity to gain invaluable first-hand learning experience in RM and BI.

The scope for RMBI Symposium 2018 includes
-The integration of RM and BI in commercial world
-The essence of building sound risk management systems and business intelligence applications in companies
-How business enterprises improve their competitiveness using RM and BI
-The future development of the RM and BI industries

Case Interview Workshop for RMBI students

As part of many selection processes for graduate positions, organizations use assessment centers to screen candidates. Knowing what employers look for in these assessment centers is the key to landing on your dream job.

In this workshop, you will learn how to perform well in assessment centers for the career opportunities in financial banking areas. The workshop is highly interactive, in which you will participate in group practices and receive feedback on your performance afterwards. Are you ready?


The Symposium on Risk Management and Business Intelligence 2018 will be held on 17 March 2018 (Saturday) afternoon in Citi Lecture Theater (LT-A), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This is the Ninth symposium organized by the Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) Program of HKUST.